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thumb_crop (3)I finally had some forward momentum! but essentially i had to do it. Between My lawyer, Himself and Himself’s wife..(Herself is already taken..that was my mother)…. I was sent the paperwork to sign to extend the second mortgage for 90 days…big deal the bank was gonna do that anyway. But I got us a Broker, a friend of a friend sort of thing, but she came with a hoity toidy parent company – so the lawyer was impressed, and hopefully Himself will just keep being lazy and let me get shit done. Next thing i have to get is the Inspectors to come in and give the place the once over…they are about 2 blocks away, so that should be a dawdle. Geezus, I loathe lazy people.

I did take a gander at the Cedar Closet in the basement…yeah…that’s coming with me. It’s gonna get itself disassembled in a couple of weeks. It’s lined with planks, which i can install anywhere. Can’t take the built in leaded glass bookcases..and don’t think i didn’t think about it.

I found a few yards of my bedroom wallpaper in the cedar closet  (NOT PICTURED)… … I can’t for the life of me remember the brand or model…though I must have it written down somewhere, because i papered my living room with it when i moved out…and my old bedroom when i moved back..and so forth,  I don’t HAVE to paper anything in the new house with it, it’s not like an obsession or anything,  it was just laziness…if all the furniture matched it, why change? why find something else?  but now i won’t have that issue…i don’t have the furniture – nor even any walls at this point… i was just browsing papers..because i had forgotten how FUCKING EXPENSIVE wallpaper is…

but i didn’t forget how much of a bitch it was to take down and put up.  When i was a kid..the family used to use child labor to strip wallpaper….they would wet down the walls and then send all the kids into the room to peel paper for the afternoon.  Sometimes it was a bitch if you had paint on top of paper on top of paint and so forth…. putting it up doesn’t suck if there are two of you and the walls are lower than 9 feet…over 9 feet and it will break your spirit pretty quick.


This little swatch of paper led me down a scary thought road where i remembered that grownups spend money on their environment to make it palatable to other grownups.   I didn’t mind redoing the bathroom or the frankenwall when i FINALLY had to.  But an entire house all at once?  oy vey.  No wonder people PAY ridiculous amounts to get it done.  Completing a little every year is about my speed.

This wallpaper is from WAVERLY…i just cruised their site and the old stand by classic patterns are still popular….a post WWII new housing development would have had LOTS of large loud flowery patterns on the walls, the curtains and all the happy homemaker’s aprons.   So adding a wall or two would be a good homage… provided the price is reasonable.

I loved this orchidy tropical swatch..i’m thinking of a wall behind my TIKI BAR…what?  you think i am going through all this grief and NOT building a tikibar?

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