The backlash of having pain free days where my head isn’t going to explode if I bend over, is that I end up running at warp speed and trying to get everything off my plate. Since everyone and his mother is harboring found kittens for us, including ME there is always something to clean, especially laundry. I finally broke down and turned on the A/C units…hey the utility company wants to cut me off I may as well go down comfortable. I shipped EVERY damn order I had on my desk, and baked a loaf of honey oatmeal bread (at 95 degrees outside, it takes NO time at all to rise) I even found time to start a Community Helper List to help my community And did 3 hours of Data entry via telephone. Yes, that was all Tuesday…at least that’s all I can remember.

Today I want to go over my book inventory and look at the non-moving titles, which means ALL the inventory. Repricing and relisting some on auction sites instead of listing sites. Variety is the spice right? gotta keep em guessing don’t want to make it too easy for the customers to find my books, someone may actually BUY one. I guess you never get over the whole starting the school year thing – all the stores stuffed with empty notebooks and as yet sharpened pencils . . it’s infectious.

The other day I had the irresistible need to buy a new Weekly Calendar (Moleskine of course…you know they have them Soft covered now?) – you know the kind you use to get all organized. We are probably programmed from childhood to rebegin the year in September. Either i was having an organizational fit or I have finally admitted to myself that my memory is for shit. I keep waking up and having to check the computer to find out what day it is. I have missed meetings and such because I get caught up inside my head and time slips by unnoticed. I wish I didn’t have to pay .25 to send myself text messages. I’d set my phone up to remind me of what I should be doing every minute of every day. But alas we will try the old fashioned paper and pencil method. and as you can guess, on my very 1st day with my calendar all up to date and ready to be my memory hole and …..I left it safely at home.


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