was it good for you?

I can just about guarantee that that was the last good weekend we have this summer. You know how I know? I didn’t get to see any of it. I spent most of it trying to meet other people’s demands. I had been committed to three days of feline adoption events, and no I didn’t move any inventory. The rest of the time, well, sometimes at the same time, I played tag with some folks who were supposed to take a bunch of stuff out of my mother’s apartment. Alas after trying to twist my schedule to meet theirs, last thing today they finally showed up, and didn’t take as much as I had hoped. (Mind you the stuff is free)

The only cycling I did was round and round the parking lot while i was waiting for these yahoos to show up. But on the bright side I now have three bikes – still only the one ass though. Turns out that what you and I call “vintage bicycles”, the locals call junk and gladly put out at yard sales. I am now the master at cleaning up a $20 bike.

worth hearing • WBUR’s On Point celebrates Anne of Green Gables 100th

Speaking of On Point – here’s their interview last week with Doris Lessing.

worth hearing • NPR’s jackie Lyden talks about William Maxwell and the Library of America edition of his works.

squeeze play • Enid Blyton’s estate holders want to wrest a few more shillings out of her legacy, by publishing 20 new adventures of the fabulous five.

worth buying • in case you missed it, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day came out on DVD. I am presently looking through the seat cushions for dvd money – i found 3 ping pong balls, a subway token, and what looks like a half digested dog biscuit so far.

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