Washed out

i cant even remember what i have been doing these days in detail…. I do remember it involved a lot of cleaning. Doesnt look it. But thats a big part of my day. Im trying to move some of my rescue cats to other groups i cant feed everyone unless i start feeding them to each other.
Today was long and its still not over. I managed to give a box with all my publishing inventory to a fella doing a civil war encampment. Heres hoping they sell some books cause thats a lot of my money in that box. Meanwhile I’m still poking a way at some more titles. Im getting faster just less patient with the proofing heres hoping one day i can hire someone to do it.
I cleaned the trail this morning and did a dump run. Then packed and shipped the few orders i had. Meanwhile running loads of laundry cause i stupidly forgot i will need clothes for wading into the river tomorrow for the river cleanup.
I spend a lot of time cleaning where ever i am.
I miss the dryer so i had to haul all the wet clothes to the laundromat to dry not costly to just dry but i ended up eating KFC thats the second fast food dinner this week. Thats two more than i eat in 6 or 8 months.
Thank god for wifi and podcasts. Im pretty much addicted to podcast. Voices in my head that aren’t mine thats different.

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