water water

moby under the boat We are in a bit of a dry spell here, the river/sanctuary where i usually stalk is just a trickle of its former self. It is theoretically possible to put my boat in, but it would difficult with one so well..matronly. I should have bought a kayak….but we know where that would have ended…with me in the drink more often then not. Moby is delighted with his new hangout. He can see everyone and no one can see him.

I recently broke the 50 species mark in my inventory of the Nevins Bird Sanctuary. This place hasn’t really been ‘birded’ in a few decades, so this is trippy. I have NO idea what I am doing but I am having a hell of a time.

YES, this is what I do with my summers….I try to stay busy or pretending I am so, because the orders are few and far between. If i had another steady source of income i’d just close Sicpress.com in the summer. I never did figure out why orders slow to a crawl, but they do. I ship a couple everyday, but not enough comes in to keep body and soul together nevermind pay for product restocks. I try to double up on the other incomes what there is of it. I will confess to NOT rebuilding any bikes this summer, we have had too many 90 degree days. I suppose I should just do it in the living room like a normal person. Perhaps I will do that this weekend….unless there is water in the river.


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