we are devo

Here we are, 20,000 years have passed, and we are still wallowing around in the mud. This time it’s our personal name brand mud. So much for civilization. What is it with human beings? do we really loathe ourselves THAT much? I know I do, but I would like to think of myself as abnormal. WE KNOW the difference between right and wrong, fair and unjust, civilized and barbaric – but when presented with two clear choices, we always go with the one that advances ourselves at the expense of others. Do we loath each other or are we just selfish? is selfishness something doled out by mother nature to ensure the evolution of the fittest or just the most tenacious? Should we all be carrying around caveman cudglse to qwell any resistence as many of us metaphorically do. All seemingly civil arguments (discussions in which disagreements are expressed) turn nuclear. Road rage, mass hysteria, greed, paranoia are all infectious diseases, with no course of treatment. Do acts of kindness only occur randomly or are we programmed that way?
The first 20,000 years are always the hardest.
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