we are not dead yet

That’s a Monty Python joke, children. When I wasn’t trucking cats to and from the vet this week, I was hammering away at my keyboard (I think I need a new one) trying to work all the bugs out of my new web page (more later). Sorry if blogging was way down on my todo list. Speaking of that not only did I get saddled with all the paperwork from the cat rescue group (armv.org), but I’m birthing still another blog to record our trappings and adoptions. Oh joy.

But there are plenty of other blogs to keep ya’ll busy. . . . heck i get caught up reading other folks stuff and forget I am supposed to come up with original material of my own.

group participation • One of the biggest things I missed reporting on was the National Book Critic’s Circle protest over the planned extinction of newspaper book reviewers. The NBCC’s petition to protest the decision of removing the book editor job at the AJC reached 5,000 online signatures this morning. Go sign it.

worth seeing • Book Patrol has a nifty review of the Boston Public Library’s efforts to recreate John Adams original 1822 library of books.

blog of note • A.C Crispin and Victoria Strauss have some damn good advice for wanna be writers.

worth seeing • Flickr member retrotraveler not only makes fabulous handwritten travel journals, but his collection of old Baedekers guide books looks lovely too.

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