We blog, because we can.

“Today’s public figures can no longer write their own speeches or books, and there is some evidence that they can’t read them either.” Gore Vidal

From what I can gather about the several hundred blogs I have examined in the last few weeks….is that most of them are shite. Which is about right since 90% of everything is crap. If 90% of the net is crap then 95% of blogs is more accurate. Blogs are a communication tool. And blogging software is fairly simple, a true mass medium. The only reason to visit them is for information or entertainment, if you aren’t getting either – move on. The most popular blogs are those that have their pulse on some exclusive vein. Political gossip/news is a popular topic as well as entertainment, music, cars, chess etc… and then there are personal blogs shared with small circles of friends.

Blogging from the latin ‘Weblog’ actually refers to the frequency of content update, what you and I would call “journaling.” A lot of static websites have started adding blogs to keep the content appearing fresh and to coax a steady clientele to visit their site more often. The London Review of Books looks just like a blog. In pre-Internet days, one would subscribe to a popular journal to keep current on changes in your trade, now you visit a site, an online magazine or a blog. If you wait for actual printed reportage – you would be 2 to 4 weeks behind everyone else in your business. (shades of Toffler’s Future Shock) The draw back to reading blogs is that they are found by word of mouth or by simply clicking on links from other blogs. So unless you have time to kill…yeah right….. you don’t troll around looking for stuff to read. I can do that.

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