we don’t need no stinking badges

8562197071_4a63089a44_zOkay race fans i JUST signed a purchase and sale on 82 devon st in portland maine for a little more than i am comfortable with.   Shall I remind you it is a VERY small house
smaller than my apartment really, the house is so small, i went on a diet after seeing it.

There’s a slim chance in hell, I can get the price down a little, the home inspection is next week and I swear to go there’s a lot in that place that is NOT to code.  the Sleeping loft and the back stairs are just one problem.

And it looks like I WILL have to cut my belongings in half AGAIN, including books, clothes, furniture, dvds (weep), etc… anything to lighten the load is going overboard.
I wish i could cut the cats in half, as it is three of them are FINALLY going to the wildlife sanctuary, as soon as I can get those kittens out of their cage.

But with a house that small, I can’t sell BOOKS with a capital B, but I can probably get away with selling a few books of significant value…if i get my shit together about my job.  I can certainly get all the book repair products into ONE closet…but this house doesn’t have any. OOPS..i have my eye on the basement after i dry line it.

But driving ghe other day I had another idea….i love it when i have an idea to make money and i actually REMEMBER IT, this time i sent myself a text.

medieval-manuscript-cat-paw-prints-closeup_65680_200x150It’s an idea for biblio merit badges…now wait and hear me out…

ADAFRUIT is an electronics supply company that has done very very well relying on hackers and they have a line of SKILL badges
http://www.adafruit.com/category/70   There seems to be a new one every week.      And lets not forget the folks at Nerd Merit Badges. who seem to have run out of steam..or ideas for more badges. 

Why are we letting tech guys have all the fun?

I still have a wee bit left in the bank to invest in business,  and i have a company that made badges for me before. Best Part is the entire inventory will fit in a fastener cabinet!    and all they have to do is sell slow and steady along with all my other crap at Book Repair Supply.com

What do you folks think of the idea?   and I will need some more ideas for merit badges besides mine, i have a lot of ideas, i don’t know how many are good ideas.
i want ideas that appeal to kids, adults, booksellers – i think a nice little proprietary gift item is what is called for.

catbadgeI started designing them with the BIBLIOCAT badge NOT ACTUAL SIZE…I’m shooting for regular Merit Badge size of  1.5 inches.  I got the idea from the medieval manuscript cat.

Inky Cat paw, rampant on a field of Loren Ipsum….what do you think?

Other Ideas so far:
100   –  which would be a book with a 100 over it.     a merit badge for
having read all 100 books on ANY list of 100 greatest books

Bookstore cat badge…
doesn’t have to be for anything specific, basically for having a
bookstore cat….or dog
Road show badge
I want one for doing bookfairs
either something that applauds exaggerated mileage or quantity in a year.
I’m trying think of one for getting bonked on the head
perhaps a head with a book on it, like in deportment class.
and  you get if for getting hit on the head with a book at least 5 times
a year or something.
books by the pound badge
Books being weighed on a balance scale
which you get when pound for pound you own more books than anything else.
the after hours badge
not the traditional martini glass but a rocks glass
for spending more time at a book show talking to more booksellers than
definitely need a badge for actually writing a book yourself
not sure of the design
perhaps a couple of crates of unsold books rampant on a page

please let me know what you think

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