weapon of choice

seems i need a new digital camera…again. my beloved Fuji has developed some odd quirks and illnesses. Digitals are so frail, my decades old film cameras work fine, but i’m too cheap to pay the developing. It’s my own fault really i take the damn thing everywhere, bumping around in the bottom of my bag, they need to invented rubber bumpers for cameras. I will try to send it out, but as with all electronic devices the fixing thereof probably exceeds the cost of replacement.

My aim is to take the jon boat at least once a week, it seems that’s all the time the universe will give me. When the census work is over I will once again try to take the bike out every day or so. Right now I think it’s cheating not to be working at one of my three or so jobs. Since I went out today at 5am again, i don’t think there’s much i else i could be doing.

Either I am doing this rowing thing right, or horribly wrong. Nothing ached and I didn’t even work up a proper sweat. I pulled trash for about a half hour, then toodled on out to the bird sanctuary and just sat for a while. I ordered some inexpensive binoculars, the kind that float just in case. When they come, they will come in handy, I only have one eye good for distance. Unless a bird is a bright color or makes a noise it’s just a speck in the distance to me. Red Wing blackbirds, scarlet tanagers, mallards and wood ducks etc.. the sounds of the highway punctuated by bullfrogs.

The houses that are actually ON this neck of the river all have boats tucked against the banks, i can’t see what good their trolling motors are though the duck weed is so thick the oars bring strings of it up with each stroke. But they’ll do when i start rounding up folks to help move the dead fall trees from the riverbanks outside of the sanctuary. hey, i will need a project after the rail trial gets built right?

the official city pier.

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