Got my 1st test roll back.  BTW I am very very tired of having discussions with CVS employees who don’t understand “negatives only” ,  “no i don’t want your photo CD”, and “yes, I know what i am doing,  you silly little pushy child.”  okay i just added that last one.    For $2.50 you can get your C41 negatives developed, (C41 is the 1 hour processing) just make sure they put them in the SLEEVES – if they coil the negatives and shove em in the cardboard envelope you will end with scratched negs.

The test pictures were all over the place -basically what you would expect from a plastic camera – think Kodak Instamatic or Lomography.  A few are out of focus, most are overexposed, some have vignetting – like i great shakes.  The simpler the camera the more you need to practice so you can envision WHAT it’s going to do with your image.  The Minolta Weathermatic 35DL assumes all film is ISO100 or ISO400 depending on what you put into it. so, big deal..i has tossed in a roll of expired Kodak 200 – i was just glad the battery was still good.

I have since put in a faster roll which i THINK isn’t expired – and I will shoot another roll in the outofdoors where I expect this camera is designed for.

As a bonus there was a roll of film already inside the camera when it came from the ebay vendor.  I opened the back so some of the damage is my fault, but not all.  The film had probably been in there a decade or so and subject to temperature changes and in some cases double exposure. enjoy.

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