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I collect ephemera about a very dead silent film star, Helen Gibson. She is obscure enough that at this point I could very well be considered her biographer. I put all my years of research into her wikipedia article and am scanning uploading all my images to the net for public consumption. In 3 years of looking on ebay I haven’t found more than what I have now. Most of what I have came from the real world.

Along comes an ebay newbie who last week loaded 14 separate vintage promo stills, I already have the companion pieces to some of them. Fourteen at $10 is a lot of money for me, so I sell off a few other pieces to a friend and put away a nest egg. I overbid on all the images and by close of auction I am the only poor soul who bid at all. Now at this point the newbie has about 13 POSITIVES feedbacks- from different people, I checked. I paypaled the entire sum at close of auction and I waited, and waited; no confirmation emails. And then over the weekend the newbie gets a negative feedback, from someone saying they are no longer answer emails or shipping items.

This is probably the most expensive thing I have bought on ebay in 3 years. So far I have emailed this guy 12 times and called his phone at least four. Neither provoked a response and neither did starting a paypal complaint. Lucky for me he’s a verified member. Sure I may get the money back, but the thing of it is, I don’t WANT the money, I want those items for my collection. They are as a whole and most likely in parts irreplaceable. I swear some days the universe hates me.

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