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weebeastie1I finally decided to sell the Wee beastie…. really i should have sold her years ago, i had stopped using her and put her in the carriage house two trucks ago. Where I live going camping means north, north means hills, most of the trucks i have owned did not enjoy pulling even the smallest of weight 1100 lbs so in deference to protecting my vehicles I stopped using her for actual travel. Once I got into the animal rescue, my options for travel diminished entirely. Both of the voices in my head agreed on keeping her in the carriage house and not selling her JUST YET… She was my insurance so that if my brother managed to boot me out of the building I would always have a place to sleep.


In order to take her with me to Greenfield I would have to register her, not expensive, but once i got there i would have to have a garage just for her. Now most folks would just say, put her in the yard…well this is New England …any vehicle put up on blocks in a yard will nearly never survive a couple of winters. I feel about the Wee Beastie the same way i feel about all vintage items, I am entrusted with keeping her in good condition as long as i have her.


She is a vintage 1976 Scotty Gaucho in near mint condition..i over paid for her when i bought her 15 years ago. Misusing her even not storing her correctly will diminish her value and cause irreparable damage. So she is going on the market. Last night I reached out to the Scotty Collectors group and got a few nibbles this morning. My first step is to get one of them to come see her and give me a ball park price to put on her. I DO NOT want to put her on craigstlist. I will get a better price from a collector and i want her to go to someone who understands she is vintage and get her out on the road and get some use.

I did use her a few times..but to be fair i used her the most as a writing studio running the electrics into the house.  Not having a bathroom in it is a big drawback for me. but not for someone who takes it to camp grounds.  So essentially she no longer fits my lifestyle and knowing that i will be buying a house i can’t be kicked out of,  i can let go of my fears of becoming a bag lady sleeping in a cardboard box.

Besides my idea of camping these days is ultralight, a bike, a canoe and a tent.   I am hoping to get a few thousand for her, that should tide me over until i sell the house.  AND alleviate me of  more of the stuff stored in the Carriage house…what will be left in there will be a dozen bikes and the jon boat…and as much of the shelving wood as i can grab before my brother gets to it.


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