well that was fun

In the last four days I have written four incredibly witty, and helpful blog posts, each funnier than the last, you shoulda read them, they rocked. ….alas they all ocurred inside my head while I was driving from one place to another, ticking off the list of things I was NOT getting accomplished. All those lovely words evaporated well before I had a chance to type them.

My remaining time with the Census folk can be measured in hours now – not that it wasn’t fun..well payday was fun…i know i know a lot of self pity for someone WITH a job when so many folks have none. I was just getting stressed trying to keep all those damn balls in the air..i like to know exactly where my balls are at all times. Besides i felt awful, long hours, bad food, I haven’t had time to ride my bike for over a month and all that high fructose Red Bull was making me squirrely – correction squirreliER…it was like having a real job. <>

Hopefully I can get back to my life…my remaining cusomers will be very happy, I STILL have not been able to dig myself out of the backorder hole I slide into when my mother passed away. Good thing I have run out of ancestors or I would never get anything accomplished. Oddly, while glad handing folks around town in the name of MethuenComon, I seemed to have backed into a night life. This week, with my camera beside me, I have been to a ham and bean supper and the Rod and Gun Club, Ballroom dancing at the Senior Center, a 45’s (that’s a card game children) night and a Jazz Club…who knew we had a jazz club? A little Stranger in a Strange land meets middle America., not to mock but to observe…well there’s a little mocking.. but I get my fill of that at Walmart on Saturdays..I think of it like white trash anthropology.

I have to do the write up on the Jazz club now…i was probably the only local present, save the club owners…and being marginally mediarific, I was treated with celebrity status…I had a good gig going, if Iwanted to cage drinks all night. Here’s hoping I get back to regularly scheduled programming…you wouldn’t want to buy any tickets to an animal rescue benefit would you? thought so.

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