wet apples

On Saturday I took the trip into Boston to the Book, Print and Ephemera fair at the Radisson. It’s always a nice little fair – spread out over a few conference rooms close enough to be considered intimate yet not so crowded that it would be squalid. And the usual cast of New England characters show up making it a good day to get out of the house…but it rained…a lot…and i made an asinine decision to go my usual route…drive to a subway parking, change trains and get off three cold and wet blocks from the destination… completely ludicrous…unless the Radission was charging $15 bucks an hour to park I would have actually SAVED time and money if I had just driven straight in to town and parked in the garage. By the time i arrived I was a drowned rat ..btw just because your trench coat LOOKS waterproof doesn’t mean it is…i’m just saying….my heart really wasn’t in the shopping.. i was too cold and wet and the the lighting was too dim to enjoy it…i think my eyes have altered again oh joy.

I took a couple of turns around the place, shook a few hands gave away some free erasers and bought a total of one book…an English Cookbook on Apples. Not that I didn’t see at least 5 books that I would have gladly stolen if given the chance, but folks always bring their BEST copies of things where I would be perfectly happy with the second worst copy. I haven’t met all the booksellers in the world, but I am kinda going with the hypothesis that the difference between a real bookseller and a collector masquerading as a bookseller is the quality of their personal collection. A professional bookseller’s collection is usually kind of embarrassing when they kick off. You see we have sold off any book worth its salt and replaced it with a reading copy, whereas a collector takes more joy in the having and holding part of business and will keep the better copy for themselves and sell the lesser. But that’s just my opinion, i could be wrong…anyone have a Weegee by Weegee without a dj? thanks for looking.
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