what do booksellers really want?

damn little…if you can’t give us a box of truly salable books for low money, you aren’t really going to turn out heads with a Chia Pet.

I know it’s kinda late in the game to be posting a list of gift ideas for the bookseller in your life. But if you are anything like me and the booksellers i know….you never get what you really want anyway. Hopefully you have a few friends and relations who sensibly presented you with gift certificates. If not you can trade in that Official President-elect Obama collector’s plate for something a little more up your alley.

Booksellers lust for power….pure and simple. Batteries for their gizmos, rechargeable ones even better. One of those disgustingly huge packages of bad for the environment batteries would delight any bookseller. Sounds lame but it’s a good gift item, as a bookseller is too cheap to buy that many at once for themselves.

As long as we are onto the distribution of power, these ‘squid’ power strips are the best thing ever invented. You still have to crawl around on your hands and knees under your desk, but these are so much easier to play with.

And speaking of squids and gizmos, you know how there are never enough electrical plugs in a room?…well there are never enough USB ports on a computer ANY computer, a couple of these USB squids would inch a computer towards perfection.

Another thing there are never enough of are pockets….I once spent an entire afternoon in a thrift shop trying on outwear looking for one item that would hold all my pocket pals and I didn’t have any luck. Camera and fly fishing vests are ideal, and the fly fishing come in summer weights and colors – very fashionable whether worn under or over a jacket.

Booksellers are not the most fashion conscious of species..really we try to concern ourselves with comfort and just barely being presentable to get a booth in a diner. this next one is purely of a geographical appeal, shooting mittens is a sort of Bob Crachit/mitten hybrid, that is most useful when standing in an old barn or an unheated warehouse digging through petrified tomato boxes hoping too find a Tamerlane of our very own.

A warm weather equivalent would be a battery powered fan. When combined with a canteen makes an ideal heat prostration prevention kit. Large quantities of books are often kept in the most unideal weather conditions and only the fully prepared bookseller gets the worms.

That’s only a few….barring all those….find out what their favorite form of caffeine delivery system..fill a stocking with Red Bull, Earl Gray or Kona Joe and you will have made someone a very happy bookseller.


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