what I did on my summer staycation

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It wasn’t raining, oh joy. Before my day went all to shit, I took the opportunity to hike the northern section of the ancient rail bed, that should have been turned into a hike/bike trail….by someone else. The midpoint is on the state SPCA property, so at 9, I dropped the truck and donned a nearly new EMS waist pack I found at the Salvation Army store. It turn out to be the pack I have been looking for my whole life. Instead of tugging at my shoulders, the cameras, water and snacks sit snuggly on my well padded hips; who knew those would would come in handy? It’s only ¾ of a mile and level but a very messy walk in spots, the southern section is a bit nastier. An hour and a half later I had some pictures and some Blair Witch level video, – visual aids will be handy when I try to convince other folks to literally take up some heavy lifting. Good news is, there is a group tackling the adjoining rail bed which connects to already reclaimed trails further north. So at least there will be somewhere to GO when it’s done.

While I scarfed lunch, I packed and shipped orders, THEN my day went south as I knew it would. I took my mother shopping . . . for bras . . . in the MALL. Her caregiver had been on me for weeks, as my brother ‘Himself’, did not seem to be cooperating. Somehow my mother was down to ONE, and since Himself had removed her furniture with her drawers still in her drawers, my only option was to bring her physically to the store to get fitted for new ones. The easy part is transporting an 90 pound woman wielding a walker footed with tennis balls. Well, it was a long, slow, slog, with herself averaging about three complaints per foot of traveled distance. (How come women with 60 pairs of shoes, never have any they can WALK in?) When I returned, I faxed the receipt to Himself, (any bets on seeing THAT money again?) and poured myself into bed with a pile of pillows and library books and promptly passed out.

Next time I will tackle the southern segment and bring my machete.

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