what i laerned from ebay (sic)

a Friend of mine coaxed me back on to ebay recently. like a lot of people I walked away from it when they started jerking the little sellers around…though it was still my goto source for buying stuff that could only be found there, I hadn’t tried selling anything there for a while. Whereas i think they are still jerking people around, and you can sell stuff there – as hard as i worked this last week, i really don’t think i made any money over all.

When I search for stuff to BUY on the flea, if i have a choice it’s a slog to troll through and find a seller who isn’t gouging on the shipping, but from a sellers POV you really can’t make your costs back posting stuff for .99 cents…which the Big E does let you do for free…they get you on the back end..and it’s the back end you still have to pay for regardless..so despite selling about 20 items..most for low money and a couple for decent money..i still end up OWING ebay money for my seller fees, and if i actually crunched the numbers for the time spent, i am almost positive i could make more money handing out fries at a drive through.

Sadly the best advice i was given was to work in my listing fees into the shipping costs, which is exactly what i didn’t like about the sellers i have been trying to buy from…so really there is no way to beat the system..one way or another ebay is going to make sure you don’t make much profit.

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