what i learned on my summer vacation

When we last tuned in, I had just returned from a very short yet overly dramatic holiday.

Outside of a glass, alcohol and water don’t mix. – actually i knew that one.

You are never too old to learn how to swim.

Cell phones are very handy in an emergency, and so is that bloody juicebar charger.

Stay in shape you just never know when you will have to run for help.

When other people are busy and you’re not…cook something, clean up and then cook something else.

When people have run out of stuff to keep them busy, give them something to do.

Police the area for things busy people have left behind.

A fried egg sandwich is always welcome.

Your mother was right, it is nice to come home to a clean house.

Taking pets on vacation is a pain in the ass, but they bring joy along with them.

Don’t smack margarita in a bag on the counter to make the ice squishier.

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