what kind of season is this otto?

I spied this puddle/pond out on the Danvers rail trail today…and I was dumbfounded…apparently mother nature doesn’t know that this is supposed to be JANU-FUCKING-WARY.

Since we had that freak October snowstorm that kicked the crap out of New England we never did get a decent winter. Any snow fall hasn’t lasted more than a day or so. I’m not REALLY been complaining mind you because I’m saving a shitload of money on heating bills..thank you very much global warming. But people seem to forget that New Englanders NEED a good cheek freezing winter. It teaches us things…HUMILITY for one… I really don’t think folks who live in idyllic one weather fits all places like San Diego understand what it means that at any moment Old Man winter can take away your heat and power and plunge you into the dark ages. Rough winters teach us charity and generosity, when your neighbor looses heat and power and YOU don’t? you bring em on over to YOUR house…when the snow piles up and you finish shoveling your own walk you toddle on across the street and dig out the old lady BECAUSE it’s what your mother taught you to do. Winter’s potential to kick the crap out of us unexpectedly teaches us Self reliance and Frugality, any yankee worth their salt can eat out of their pantry for a month, and turn a galllon’s worth of powdered milk into ten. Winter fights sloth: instead of letting you hide in your house in your stocking feet it drives you out into the cold every time the city plows pass by; shoveling snow and spreading sand keeps you mobile and gets the heart pumping. Global warming is a fact and it looks like winter weather is going to be a crap shoot from now on. And I am wondering how the New Generation of Yankees will evolve without it to teach them.

pssst…it’s from Fish Called Wanda..”What kind of Buddhism is this otto?”

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