What was NEW in 2018

At the end of each year I look at my purchase history on Amazon and Ebay to see what NEW items I have bought. Those are really the only sites I shop on….. booksites don’t count; buying books is like food and yarn, it doesn’t count. Every year fewer and fewer NEW things enter my universe, granted I handed over a lot of my money but nearly everything were things to fix other things…..or replacements for things like, the freaking ear buds my damn dog keeps chewing or the towel rack that broke like three years ago, but I finally replaced it because a plumber came and I felt embarrassed when he used the john. Obviously some things are best bought new, underwear ferinstance, and most folks say socks but now that i am knitting my own, I don’t buy them anymore. Nearly all my clothing is secondhand, needless to say, all expensive items, but preowned for sure. Except for some blue jeans, every few years I have to replace a pair, and once jeans are washed they are never their actually size on the label. So unless I want to try 50 pairs of jeans in 5 different thrift stores, it is just easier to order the pair I like and break them in myself. But I digress.

New item: folding table for the back of the car, ebay $20 made in China. I had this in my watch list for the last 2 years thinking I would find something else used or cheaper, this was totally worth it and will last me a while.

  • New item: charger and more batteries for the video camera ($20) also made in China… go figure.
  • New item: four 4″ spring form pans $4 each also made in china. Individual spring form pans are a newish invention. I like smaller raised pies since I’m only one person.
  • New item: wooden nail brushes $4 for 2 probably made in China. Finding wooden handled brushes of any sort, in the wild is problematic. When you find them their prices are doubled because they are stocked in trendy Natural personal care sections, but on amazon they are pretty cheap. There is almost no sense in buying the expensive European made ones as the wooden handles only last a few years getting wet….yes even the expensive ones. Wooden scrub brushes are also rarity, but I found a hardware store that has them for like $4.
  • New item: two 6″ wire cake racks $4 each also made in China. I have plenty of wire racks, but these fit inside my smaller enamel stock pot that I use for hot water bath canning. totally worth it, I wish I hadn’t waited so long to get them.
  • New item: Kevlar bootlaces $10 MADE IN THE USA. totally freaking worth it. After the 3rd time my leather laces snapped, I snapped, and dropped $10 on laces. And the next time I am feeling self indulgent I will replace ALL my laces with these.
  • New item: new cables for the laptop, $15, made in China. One would think that after a few decades they would have made power cords that don’t break every two years…but no.
  • New item: epoxies, sealants, metal polishes, usually about $8 a product…and as yet NONE made in China go figure. The selection of specialty items available in big box hardware stores is slim to none. Instead of wandering around and then having to ask, and then having to EXPLAIN what I want and then have to EXPLAIN that I actually KNOW what it is I want and what I am doing with it, and then getting discouraged and walking away, I just point and click and skip all the stress.
  • New item: double sided shower curtain hooks $4 and made in China. I was looking for the ones I usually get, which are the cheap old fashioned wire kind that I use for caribiners and stick on the end of anything I want to hang up. But I did see these in a big box store for $15, but Amazon had them for $4. Obviously I am not using them FOR the shower curtain, I put them on the PVC pipe pot rack that I built over the kitchen sink.
  • New item: toilet seat $10, Kohler has obfuscated where it was made…wanna guess? worth it, cause well…i’m worth it.
  • New item: quick release ball head for monopod ($15), local camera shop, I had tried buying from amazon but after returning a couple I went into the old fashioned cluttered camera shop in town and they actually had EXACTLY the one I needed for my camera. Go figure. also made in China…

On the whole I am pretty impressed with myself. I think I have become so accustomed to reaching for a used or vintage item first, and only restort to buying something new new when I absolutely HAVE to. But then I did manage to buy a lot of vintage items this year, MOSTLY to replace modern items that have failed me, or just really cause I wanted them. see next post.

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