what you wish for

So it’s here, tons of frozen water falling from the sky with great alacrity. now I am stuck in 3 rooms with 46 years of accumulated crap. I should have prepared better, the only audio book i brought home from the library was It’s All Too Much: An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff by that Australian guy from the cable show about cleaning people’s clutter. Combine that with the year end tendency to divest and true middle age anxiety, and guess what i will be doing for the rest of the weekend? to be fair, my ‘clutter’ is no where NEAR as bad as I think it is, but i have ‘issues’. I see some of those folks on TV (and some people i know) who don’t have an empty surface in their entire home. Those folks are scary. I’m kinda OCD about having my junk organized…so it’s THERE but it’s organized. I just need to learn how to say…”you know I guess I am never gonna finish that quilt I started when i was in college” or “i am never gonna ebay all those boxes of postage stamps in the kitchen.” The dangerous part is the guy’s voice, its that steady rhythm usually found on hypnosis tapes, so listening in the background was hopeless. Instead of sitting here typing, i have that overwhelming urge to plant a trash can in the living room. Which I did, and the 1st thing in the box? the items i have been dragging around from domicile to domicile for almost 30 years? my High School year books, MY GOD WAS THAT GREAT! I almost took them out, just so i could throw them in again. If it wasn’t snowing, I’d bring it outside and see how far I could chuck them. I despised high school and everyone in it, why the hell was i keeping those damn books? I gotta go find some more stuff to throw that was sooo cool.

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