rubber biscuit eaters …..this is the inside of my head.
completely empty and speeding off into a dark tunnel.

i have stretched myself a bit thin and this random rant blog has almost outlived it’s usefulness….i will keep it up for as long as i can…but sooner or later i’m gonna have to beat something to a pulp with a blunt object…and i may just do it right here.

I have promised another feature to the local rag that carries more columns of car ads then text. So tonight I gotta go see a guy about some art or something ….supposed to be good for you.

I spent hours yesterday trying to find a simple short cut to blogging recipes and found none. So each recipe I upload to sololife.blogspot.com will be an exercise in pain. But i Do want to see it happen. I found i like blogging not for the reasons most people do. I LIKE programming I always have..ever since 1978 when i first learned how. I didn’t know i missed it. This blogging shit is cool. It’s like puzzle solving. and if i make a mistake I simply change it. no sweat. I like learning new thinsg i can do with it, even if it serves no useful purpose. LIKE THIS BLOG.

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