what’s the secret word?

I finally broke down and I am doing what they tell you to never ever ever do….i am writing all my passwords in a notebook.   Two reasons…well three reasons… 1 –  i’m sick of trying to remember which combination of word/number, which has the capitol letter, which has the nonalphabetic symbol at the end etc…   I’m getting OLD  and too many websites have too many parameters.  2 – what happens if i get hit by a bus…don’t laugh, i think about that a lot..or is that i think about walking in front of a bus a lot…nevermind, same thing.   I juggle several different non profit agendas  which will have to be catered to after I am scraped off the pavement.  I  wouldn’t want to cause these folks any undue stress and  3…what was three?  oh yeah…the last few days of virus stomping reminded me that everything digital is mutable.  If had to purge my op system and start all over I’d have to be changing website passwords all over the net for at least a month.   From now on. . .  I know a little late on the 2011 resolutions but I will be purging my caches and my cookies more often, not just when i remember to do it.  And the antivirus programs will run everydamnday.. not weekly or when my pc develops a rash.

Interesting note, when i started transcribing the gaggle of post it notes from around my desk, into the little moleskin address book, I was kinda taken aback…what i thought would be 8 or 10 passwords has not blown up into 30 or 40. WTF?   No wonder I can never remember them all.

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