wheel value

Even though I only had a couple of small sales, today was a very good day. (I know, I know these days a dollar bill is as big as a bedspread*) My first call of the day was to sell my soul to the electric company, little do they know it’s got about three mortgages on it now. A few errands hither and yon with the weather was so nice, I even considered breaking out the bicycle.

After I thew money at the utilities, I wanted to celebrate with a new shirt from the thrift store my (hey, it will be new ME) My favorite one had to go to shirt heaven. I’m trying to turn over a new leaf and NOT wear anything with a hole in it. Predictably I walked out with a bit more than I came for: a couple of shirts, a 5 buck tortilla griddle and a three hundred dollar suitcase priced at $14. I haven’t figured out what makes it a 300 dollar value yet, aside from the name, and it doesn’t have an ipod built in I checked.

Why you may ask does a person who rarely travels,(though not for lack of wanting) buy a wheeled suitcase? Don’t be so literal, it’s padded box on wheels, 1001 uses kids. My favorite? after travel, delivering books. Off and on I scout books for a couple of friends, and if you have to park any distance lugging beer boxes gets old. It got old 20 years ago about the time I did. I pack the books nicely in the luggage, and load it in the car. And wheel it to the location. Nice and safe and chiropractically wise. I am gonna hang it up on the all and fantasize about destinations unknown.

*now where’s THAT one from?

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