when its ajar

I got my last check from one of my many jobs. I’m gonna miss that job…with that money i got to live like a person for a while. Now i am back to crackers and cheese dinners etc… So what does one do with their last check? Mind you it was also 7 days overdue, so in that time i had to empty what i did have to satisfy a couple of bills…i robbed an animal rescue donation can to get the internet turned back on..and took a well time check from a wholesale customer and paid off the car insurance which had lapsed due to the missing paycheck. So i am starting from ground zero…actually no…i’m 3 garage floors and a subway station BENEATH ground zero..but still…my default settings kicked in. I toured the grocery store like a pro..buying the heaviest longest lasting items in my regular shopping list…no bacon..aside from those terrible torture porn pig farm videos..alas there just isn’t enough meat for the money in bacon.

In the end I walked out with cereal, crackers, cheese and some sandwich fixings. I also got mozzerella and sauce to start making my own pizzas…among the things i lost last week…my absolute favorite pizza place closed up shop…they guy retired though the place is up for lease….i drove around town considering the other pizza options open to me…and within a 10 minute drive there isn’t anything i consider worth all the trouble. I can’t afford it anyway….so it looks like i will saving a ton of money and probably losing weight as well.

Don’t write in with all the obligatory cheap food ideas…i could write a book on it ..and i just might…the draw back to eating like the people living on communes in 1974…lentils and brown rice faction…is that i don’t like lentils and brown rice…i can make all the lentils and brown rice recipes in the world and it still wasting food because it will sit in the back of the fridge and turn blue. The REAL secret to eating poor…that no one wants to admit..because we all want to PRETEND we will eat healthier that we do…is to buy food that gives good investment on your money that you WILL EAT and not waste when you open the fridge and say ‘there’s nothing here i want to eat’ and then go out and buy something else. Hence the imported ham on my sandwiches, Life cereal, name brand stone wheat crackers – eat good food but eat less of it. I found i can rationalize buy the KATE’S homemade butter from maine at $3.60 pound because I use very little butter in my cooking but when i want butter…i want something that tastes good and doesn’t have a large percentage of water. It has taken decades of living on no money to find the grey zone between being frugal and being suicidal.

I was double thinking my investing in more plastic jars…i thought they were a good idea, then i didn’t and wondered why i bought them all, then i filled them up with food and remembered WHY i thought they were a good idea. A i can see how much food i have at a glance, B, it is insect, rodent and moisture proof…sometimes it takes me a while to finish things..and C, i can fit more in the cupboard. with the original packaging things are always askew and things don’t stack right ..these plug in nicely like food tetris. So, i will be picking one every time i go to you know where.

It was my fault anyway for becoming to dependent on money from a single source. i’m putting a lot of effort into the local history reprints…i think it should get me through the summer and then i will think of something else..i always do.


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