when we last saw our plucky heroine . . .

. . . she was hanging over a chasm buy generic cialis by the end of a rope.

I don’t even know if there is anyone listening after my voluntary absence. I spent 2 days doing an edit-for-hire job where I unplugged the phone and PC, and then spent all of yesterday at my new ‘job’. The quotes will remain until I get a paycheck with my name spelled correctly, right now I am walking away with cashy money every time I show up, which don’t get me wrong – is lovely and good but smacks too much of day labor. And as our regular viewers know, I was ready to jump in the back of anyone’s pickup truck to pick a few lettuce.

So far, my job entails making lists of things of projects that need to tackling to inflate a small biweekly screed into a grownup newspaper. Of the 4 people in the room, I’m the one with publishing experience which as we know is nearly nil. Finally, I’m a minnow in my own teaspoon.

Tune in next week, when our intrepid girl reporter buys a gun rack.


(it’s for the tripod you dope)

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