when you absolutely have to have it

I decide to try Amazon Prime…79 dollars a year…the video ‘prime’ benefits weren’t the attraction, but the free two day shipping did sway me. I have been working extra hard to combine my Amazon purchases into $25 bundles and staying with items that qualify, but sometimes HAVING to spend 25 at a time is a bit of a pain in the ass. Remember when i swore off big box stores? i have been hoping Amazon could take up even more of the slack, i buy very few things from retail stores and it gets on my nerves to have my options controlled by megacorps. It would be a damn sight different if i had independent retailers but aside from a couple of appliance stores, we don’t have those anymore. Ordering a package of socks or in this case a SD card for my camera and having it delivered without spending the afternoon searching for a real world source saved me gas, time and aggravation. I just have to be careful NOT fall into the trap that Amazon has laid for me; by making it cheap and easy to buy my odds and ends from them with a few clicks, I will just casually place orders and not have to think too heavily. Of course that’s exactly what i did with the SD card. I was out in the field shooting video with my camera and hadn’t thought of how it would fill up the SD card I was using much faster than shooting straight up images. So out comes the Iphone and a few clicks later, the SD card was on its way overnight. Because of the impending Holiday I went with the Overnight for $9.99 – which would be an extraordinary amount ordinarily. But think about it…for $10 bucks I got a memory card delivered to my house within 24 hours – that’s still fucking amazing to me. I suppose i could have dealt with the Xmas crowds at Best Buy and settled for whatever they had in stock. But considering the time involved and the odds they wouldn’t HAVE what i wanted, I think 10 bucks was well worth it. Besides I loathe Christmas crowds with the fiery passion of a thousands suns and would have rather pulled my teeth out with a wrench to avoid making that trip. Yeah I know this is a long rationalization to justify my laziness and spending money i can ill afford to waste. But sometimes when i take advantage of the wonders of 21st century technology I feel guilty. I ordered something using my phone from the middle of a bird sanctuary and 24 hours later I get a text telling me that the item I ordered is waiting for me outside my door. I never did see the Fedex Guy. It’s a christmas capitalist miracle.

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