where am i?

Someone asked that on the Bibliophile list, as if I had gone on some lovely mad vacation dash, or fallen down a manhole, or been scooped up for extreme rendition. But alas I have been sitting here day after day, trying to find the enthusiasm to write about something bookish. But it seems after I read a few minutes of the New York Times and as many other newsites and blogs as I can stomach. I basically feel unclean and need to vomit.

Like everyone else who doesn’t drink from the Kool aid bubbler, I feel betrayed by my own country, violated by the economy and adrift with my own values. When did elitism and education become unfashionable in our leaders? When did ‘family values’ mean save ourselves and fuck everyone else? When was it acceptable for the very rich to eat the underclass? When did an asterisk get added to every line of the bill of rights?

Yeah, I know, I was just being rhetorical, it happened on MY and everyone elses watch, and it happened a little at a time. We let it happen. We have become the people are parents warned us about. While the powers that be where feeding us bread and circuses, they were out in the parking lot stripping our minivans down to the rocker panels. Only there now is no end to the stream of goofballs, coming out of the goddamn tiny clown car.

I hate Sarah Palin so much it makes my teeth hurt. I hate the very idea of Sarah Palin. I hate the mentality who thought UP Sarah Palin. I hate it all so much I can’t even put my hate into a lucid argument. I hate each and every person responsible for putting Sarah Palin in the public eye. And I really really really hate the asshole who thought it would be funny to make the nation watch the incoherent Sarah Palin being interviewed by unqualified Katie Couric. All of this I find unsettling, for years I have told people I am too lazy to actively ‘HATE’ anyone properly as it takes too much energy to maintain a good hate. What the hell happened to the feminist ideal? is THIS the best we can come up with? an empty headed beauty queen being interviewed by a talk show host twinkie?

Maybe I am asking too much of the unwashed masses, I would have thought after 200 and thirty years we would have come to a common understanding that the President should be smarter than the a fifth grader. Is that too much to ask? I mean hey, even I thought it was funny when the skull and bones star chamber got together and put their frat brother in the oval office to create the greatest unending kegger EVER. And the ultra rich become super dooper ultra rich and the middle class shrunk to the size of a Super Bowl audience, and we just kept buying cars named after blow jobs and having our food prepacked into 100 calorie servings because we lost the ability to count. But funs over now – enough is enough. WE did it all to ourselves and we deserve every bit of pain and suffering morning after it will take to get out of this trillion dollar hole.

But I don’t think the idea of Sarah-one-heart-beat-away-Palin is funny. It scares the ever living shit out of me, and makes me seriously depressed. What the fuck goes on up there in Alaska where THIS is the best you have to offer? Someone who can’t name one Supreme court justice, can’t name one newspaper or magazine she has read, thinks that rape victims should continue to be victimized and has no knowledge of world affairs beyond hunting and fishing. Perhaps the Evangelicals are right and the end of days is coming and pretty damn quick. Because when a misanthropic lazy asshole like ME is more qualified to be president than the Sarah fucking Palin, the apocalypse is well and truly nigh.

So, basically I am here.

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