wherein i fetch a stick

pc036 No sooner did i get the mechanic paid off, than i ran up another bill with him. And i still may need a couple of tires… after paying him an installment and subtracting the lawyer’s latest fees, i was still feeling a little flush…i was broke by normal folks measure, but not nearly as broke as always. I had a spending spree at the thrift store and come home with some thermal and flannel shirts…NOT any sort of prep for moving north, just self defense in my apartment. I should be cranking the heat this season, as the bills are going to Himself, but alas i am sure every cent will be deducted in the end. One of the Mass booksellers had sent me a free ticket to the antique show over in Wilmington today….what’s the worst that could happen right? i don’t need nor want anything substantial..but i like the challenge of finding something small that i can rationalize… i did manage to find a good Maine book that i can add to my backlist, a 1920’s State commissioned history of the forts..lots of illustrations. And a couple of postcards….the mill worker one is pretty cool, you can read both the word Pepperell on the building and Biddeford on the street car…with a little photoshop magic i should be able to use part of this image for a book cover…when i get a book that needs such a cover. I didn’t need to buy the mills at nightime shot but it was only $2.


Even though i spent ages examining art, antiques and a LOT of jewelry cases…i  can’t buy things unless it will make or save me money…though by those rules i can can rationalize anything i really want. I wasn’t even going to look at the bucket of walking sticks seriously….but the one i liked was marked at $20 and the dealer offered it to me for 15…and as luck would happen..i had $15 left in my pocket. I have up until now not needed a walking stick, and i haven’t actually hiked anywhere in a couple of years. And of course..there woods are full of sticks if i really want one. I can usually just shrug and turn out my pockets and walk away from nearly any vendor, if i feel i have led them on. But they were nice, and it was inexpensive and my pockets aren’t used to having money in them…so, i bought the stick, maybe from its place in the corner of my office, it will nag me to get off my ass.

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