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The weather this week has been bright and clear with intermittent waves of shitty. I am suffering the after shocks of three months with virtually no orders. Shipping the ones i DO get is delayed because stock levels are so low. I can’t see to make anybody happy, especially the utility companies.

September in New England is warmish days with cold nights; you start closing windows and wearing shoes all the time. I have spent the last week trying to finish the unfinished , everything from doing ’06 taxes, to replacing the missing screw on the doorknob. I even managed to get the prizes in the mail from the last contest (remember that?)

Himself showed up and started cleaning the barn, which I had been asking him to do for 3 years. Little did I know it is because he decided to offer the garage to the new tenants (and hence will now need the barn to store the lawnmowers and such)…when I asked him if he had any plans for anything else I should know about…and he was decidedly vague on the subject. If he thinks I am moving my business out of the laundry room, that i have used for the last 30 years, then he is high.

Once a week i try to sneak out of the house and ride my bike. These days it’s the only thing I look forward to. I will miss it once the bad weather sneaks in.

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