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How was your weekend? mine was . . uneventful just the way I likes ’em . . . But unfortunately not only have half my vendors gone on vacation but it seems they took all my customers with them. Oh well, I can pretend that his downtown was intended, and try to get something accomplished, right?

Several sweet days of intermittent torrents of rain have given way to sticky humid heat, but you can’t fault New England it does have variety a plenty when it comes to weather. I emptied my Paypal account into the electric company’s back pocket, so the fans will continue to keep my roommates cool. [And in case you are wondering, the remaining newborns are doing fine.] And I did manage to get in a few good miles on my antiquated bicycle with my antiquated knees. Turns out I needed to DRIVE to somewhere flat.

Meanwhile I am going through my hard drive trying to finish off numerous untidy projects and shifting as much as I can off my C: drive onto my spares.

Here I found these in the The Knowledge Bank at OSU – COOL EH?

Byrd Antarctic Expedition (1st: 1928-1930) : Photo Album 1

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