whiter shade of snow

I am so on the universe’s shit list right now. I got TWO. count them TWO shipments of product that didn’t actually contain anything I ordered. and every damn thing i touch breaks spontaneously, my only digital camera, my postal scale, my dvd player; even the goddamn drain in the tub got jammed at halfway. Not only did one of MY cats go out yesterday and never come back, but after polling my neighbors, i found that the folks who ‘adopted’ one of the shelter cats last fall say they haven’t seen him in weeks either …(i really don’t like humans anymore). the rest of my roommates have cabin fever, and all i want to do is hunker down and wait for the foot and a half of snow that i have been promised. Not that i don’t find that much snow as inconvenient as the next person, but it gives me something to blame things on. “oops, sorry can’t do that right now, snowed-in. ” i have plans for when it snows, i have books to enter, i have images to work on, i have at least a half dozen projects lingering around in stages of incompleteness…. it could be worse, i could still not have any electricity, but i could throw a few cats on the barbee.

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