who had thursday in the pool?

. . . whomever chose Thursday – wins the fruit basket. I suppose I could go into cubicle hell for one more day to even off the week, but why draw it out? It was an experiment, not particularly successful. As you noticed, nothing else got done this week- I mean NOTHING. I existed on Red Bull and Captain Crunch. Only managing to work, sleep and clean litter boxes. Aside from fighting the urge to run screaming out of the room and top myself – I counted at least twelve morbidly obese women on the payroll, and the thought that I was queuing up for that was the last straw. Actually no, it was the penultimate straw, the last straw was when I had to pay someone else to visit my vendors and pick up my sicpress products. I was kinda guilted (read goaded) into this by friends who know I am always running short, but apparently didn’t realize that I already had 40+ hours a week of work on my plate. I need to go back to looking for a p/t job that works around the demands of my mother, animal rescue emergencies, contract labor, blogging and filling sicpress.com orders. I am sure I missed a few jobs there, but those are all the things I am gonna try to fit in to my day tomorrow. I swear, I DO have a video in my laptop waiting to be edited, I will get to it as soon as I come down from my sugar high.

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