whoa backup

Broke as I am, i treated myself to a couple of things lately..including a subscription to Carbonite Which pissed me off for the 1st few days, but now i am happy I did it. They give you 15 days free…because it will take 5 to 7 days JUST to clone your hard drive to their server, this annoyed the crap out of me. It also only picked up my C Drive, i need to check into how to get my D Drive uploaded. But now that it’s UP there, i can not only restore my files if something untoward happens, but i can reach out and pick something off Carbonite from either my laptop or my iphone. It was $59 bucks for 12 months, but there are some discount codes flying around the internet, either giving you a few dollars off or extra months..i used ‘NERDIST’ and got 2 extra months extension. I can only hope that 14 months from now i will have another $59 bucks..but i’m pleased with my purchase.

It is all kinda of part of a plan that hasn’t come together yet. If this new job actually pans out to bring me income enough to live like a grownup, I want to upgrade all my devices to use more Cloud and online apps and get rid of my desk top computer as it is. I have decided to buy a 2 Terrabyte External Harddrive for Christmas..once i have the majority of my dead storage moved off the tower unit, i will save up for a much better Laptop..actually i need TWO one to replace the tower and one to replace the laptop i have now which has pieces falling off, so it’s not as portable as it should be. For the last 8 or 9 years i have run with a desktop computer with all the vital organs and my laptop holding nothing but a few software programs and temporary files. It’s a portable device, I always expect to break it or loose it or see it stolen so i would NEVER keep unique files on it. If i had to wipe it’s brain i would lose nothing. My desktop on the other hand has a lot of environmental settings that i have gotten used to, but i need to break free of the ‘desktop’ mind set. the External Drive will hold mostly photos, a ton of business documents and a smidgen of music, but i would feel much better getting it off the tower which has a tendency to make whiny noises.

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