why a duck?

muscovyDuck1This little guy caused me no end of annoyance.  I spotted him the 1st day i was out in the jon boat…of course i didn’t have a camera…or binocs, hell i didn’t even have a decent set of eyes.  From a distance in flight and paddling around he looked much more elegant, like a seabird….and the bird experts all told me he was a domestic duck. and…they were right, unlike me he’s a successful escapee from civilization living out on a backwater past the highway.  He didn’t mind having his picture took this time.

Neither did this little fella, who decided I wasn’t all that interesting and wandered away.   This is with the new camera, the last one passed away one feature at at time.   I couldn’t really afford a new one…and i went for three or four days before I broke down and ordered one up.   I feel incomplete without one these days.  Sooner or later I am going to have to DO something with these pictures.

youngracoon72 So far it has been a tolerable weekend.  Once customer is pissed at me because he got his package on time and complete…go figure. And another is annoyed because I shipped it to the actual address on the order, not the address he really wanted it to go to.

Then I wander out and sit in the water for a while, watching cute furry rodents swimmin and little birds eating tiny bugs and … i think…well…fuck em.

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