Why do bankruptcy lawyers expect to be paid?

My PC has decided to swallow up half my paycheck again….so I get to enjoy another week of meatless main-dishes. What started as a virus check, turned into a “hey, you need more RAM, and of course a new cpu and motherboard, since yours is to old for it.” Then I find that my monitor which is older than Christs aunty, is giving up the ghost, so there goes another 250 sheckles for a flat screen. This is getting ridiculous, when did the entire fucking world become so disposable? PC parts outdated themselves the moment you walk into bright light of day. You plug and play until the next software autoupdate and then find that new bigger better bots have made a termite hill of your harddrive and to combat this invasion you need firewalls and cisco routers. I can count myself lucky, I have never bought off the rack hardware, at least when I need to upgrade it’s only a part for part replacement. If I had to buy an entire new system every 10-12 months I’d shoot myself in the head with a large calibre weapon, or at least crawl up into a mountain bunker with all the back issues of Mother Earth magazine. So I am back on the air, after jonesing for 26 hours without suckling on my ethernet glass teat. Good thing I am not unduly attracted to something chemical.

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