why i am amazon’s bitch

That’s right a simple box of tea has made me realize that Amazon owns my soul and i don’t really give a shit.

Like all of us of a certain age, it is becoming harder and harder to maintain supply lines for particular products – at the store level i have been told I was delusional and no such item existed.

Turning to my favorite glass teat i found amazon vending this brand at about .12 per tea bag while the maker’s own site is more than .20 cents per; which one got my money?

This is not the first instance…time and time again, I find real world store shelves holding fewer and fewer item, more vanilla less black raspberry – obscure items  aren’t  even relegated to the edges anymore, they are purged altogether.

Amazon’s free shipping items are obviously loss leaders to them, but as someone who ships for a living..paying 50% of the cost of a small item just to ship it, is a becoming grade A pain in the balls and any way around it is welcome.

Granted I won’t buy everything from Amazon,  they have become my goto for pricing before I look elsewhere. Though item prices and free shipping status may change every few days, I am more willing than ever to wait for the ‘good price’ to come around. Saves me an awful lot of gas and aggravation.

If it weren’t for the shipping costs on items such as cat food and gallon milk,  i’d hardly ever leave the house.

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