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True confession. I have been cheating on you. I have this thing, someone once told me it had a name ‘edison trait’ whatever the hell it is. I find a new thing, a new software, or toy or skill and they I have to play with it compulsively until I figure it out, figure out how it works and how I can exploit it. True, I have been busy busy lately, but when I get any time to myself I have been holding out on you. Since wasn’t truly book related it didn’t get blogged, but that has never stopped me before.

I have been cheating on you with Wikipedia. It started with the whole Helen Gibson thing, what was there was wrong information and it was bugging me. So, I rewrote it using my research. Then I segued over to poor tragic Dorothy Hale, you jump off a building wearing a cocktail dress seventy years later, no one remembers you.

Of course I couldn’t just wander around wikipedia fixing what’s wrong and filling potholes, there’s way too much that is going ignored in favor of entire chapters dedicated to video gaming and Britany Spears. So, I looked around at the books I still have and figured since women screenwriters are tragically under represented on Wikipedia and between Google Book search and all the reference material I have piled next to my bed. I could fill those waking hours when I should be sleeping.

This week Clara Beranger got some attention, last week it was Jay Presson Allen and the week before it was Anita Loos. They aren’t perfect, but they don’t need to be, they only need to be better than what was there, which in some cases is nothing, The Wikipedia community does a pretty adequate job trolling new additions and changes, and soon enough you have someone paying a visit to clean up your commas and sort your tables. If you stay in the bottom drawers of history like I do, you can make a difference and stay off the radar of the stalkers and the vandals.

So far, my overall impression is that there are two types of Wikipedia contributors. Ones that have staked out Wikipedia as their online watercooler, some people troll on Facebook, some haunt of the eBay boards etc….everyone has a corner where they ‘hang out’. These folks monitor things, start things, fix things etc… Then there are passionate amateurs like myself, who see a need and try to fill it, but eventually we will either get burnt out from the heavy lifting and go away, (the statistics show that most of the new material is done by newbies) or we get tired and drop back to a fixer. I am hoping that I can do a bit of pot hole filling before I get burnt out or find some other skill to learn. Right now the next lady to get some lovin’ will be Lenore Coffee.

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