willfully thick

kittensthe 1st wave of lookee loos have morphed into show by appointments. The broker sends out an email that there is a showing scheduled, so the occupants have the option of being home or not, most elect not… I busted my ass to clean my house for a showing last night…where the broker couldn’t come and i ended up showing the property to a guy who wants to discuss ‘creative financing’…yeah…not likely…. Most of the apartments are as i expected, cept for the guy in the studio…the apartment is a wreck, he doesn’t even wipe food spills off the cabinets, my mother would have kicked his ass… but on the other hand, it makes my apartment look positively sterile…There was another showing this morning, so i got up wicked early and rearranged the house for company, cleaned the litter boxes, hiding 2 of them, put a spices in the crock pot, took the recycling to the dump and so forth….. only to be told they showed my apartment during the day yesterday while i was at the vet clinic. you have absolutely NO idea how punched in the stomach i felt. I felt betrayed, i STILL feel betrayed…that wasn’t supposed to happen! I need to know people are coming in my house, just so i can get it how ‘I’ want it to look. Even if it doesn’t matter to anyone else.

My conversations with the broker have been very awkward…she kept getting snippy with me when i would ask her stuff….like i was somehow being willfully thick and she was having to repeat herself… i kept getting the feeling there was a lot of shit she wasn’t telling me…like when you miss the 1st day of class and you spent a week trying to figure out what everyone else knows that you don’t.  I finally said, “I think you think that we had a conversation that we didn’t have.” To which her email reply  was “But i went over all of this with you on the conference call we had with your sister in law.” and the fog cleared….yes…she imagined that I, the invisible woman, was part of a conversation that didn’t exist. Mrs. Himself has spoken to me exactly ONCE in 4 years… that was last month when she flew over on her broomstick to manipulate me. It must have been my brother on the other end of the conference call, because no way, would me on that call ever have happened. Putting me and Himself on a phone call with other people? the NSA boys would be bleeding from the ear drums.  She’s under the weather at the moment with no voice, so I sent her another email, saying i can see how she could forget that i wasn’t party to a conversation, at this point in the process i am sure she just assumed she had done what she normally does. But when she gets better we are going to have a little talk, because I have been disenfranchised enough by Himself and the forces of darkness, i don’t need that bullshit coming from my own broker. …but i think i left out that last part.

On the bright side, the other day i sent her a picture of the little red house on a hill…and she offered to hook me up with someone from the brokerage parent company that will do the deal for me.    I feel a lot better having an idea of where i want to end up.   Now i just need to be patient and let the broker do her job…so i am not allowed to rip her  head and arms off and beat her with the bloody stumps.


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