window treatment

I was just about to order those sash pulls from the homedepot site, when it occurred to me that i would have to find a way to lock that window once it was closed…. while repainting the bathroom, the 50+ year old window crank gave up the ghost. Not a particularly useful device, either the window is open or it’s closed but once it gets closed for winter that crank held it shut…long story short i found a vertical latch not sold in i ordered it.

I bet there’s a lot of useful crap in their database that can’t or won’t be found in one of their stores. Like the Spray Graffiti remover that the website claims is vended IN the store down the street, but i couldn’t find it and the employees couldn’t find it. So there is a very good chance that i will be ordering that soon. I spent the other night studying graffiti removal techniques…-god i do love youtube-… there are solvents and a new trend of anti-solvents, my next mad money will go to some of each for my creative vandalism tool kit. I have a mail box i want to practice on; when the rail trail gets its signs, they will be prime tagging targets.

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