winter’s coming

2015-01-24 10.14.16I fucked up…..I pissed away a lot of money this winter on books and frames and art supplies, and put off buying what I really needed…that Propane Space Heater for the living room. I guess I had been figured the snow storms we had been getting here were pretty mild, and I would buy it NEXT MONTH, or even NEXT YEAR. I just kept putting it off…and it’s not even THAT much money relatively…88 bucks for the Mr Heater, another $40 for hoses and filter, and i dunno how much for a tank of propane these days… I just didn’t THINK ABOUT IT…and for someone as detail oriented as I am…hey…look i got my little camp stove, i can make a cup of luke warm tea…what the fuck was I thinking? Lesson learned…next fat check i get, Mr Heater gets delivered.

That’s my intention, though I just got last months gas bill and a nice little poll from the city assessors office asking how many square feet of my house is finished and how many bathrooms I got.  So there’s already a LINE ahead of Mr. Heater for any monies that come my way.  But strangely for the 1st time I’m not all that worried…yeah i would have been better if I had a much larger chunk of change in the bank..but it will work out.

If I really want something to worry about ,  there is a huge MOFO of a storm coming our way or so they tell us.   No I wasn’t one of the million lemmings racing to the grocery store for the loaf of bread that will save me from the coming storm.   I snuck over at my leisure very late last night…and came home with important things…like wine..and rootbeer and a couple of chops which I put in to make a Cassoulet….I had already MADE bread..and have about 10 quarts of shelf stable milk, and cat food and food food and toilet paper.. THAT kind of stuff I always have.  I figured out  a while ago, that that kind of stockpiling has less to do with weather emergencies and more to do with financial ones.  I am always ready for that DOWN turn in income…like …well SUMMER, when I may not have the $20 bucks for a bag of catfood etc..

2015-01-25 15.52.31 The place where i work in the morning will be open tomorrow storm or no…and it’s actually within walking distance…so we will see what the weather brings. It would be a shame to get hit by a car walking to a part time job. The other women I work with won’t be there, they are much more sensible. I just don’t like to call in unless I am dead.  The appointment I had to meet with the folks who may actually HIRE me as an editor was moved from Wednesday to Thursday…just in case . But even that’s only 20 minutes away down ONE road.   It sure is cozy here in Maine.

My real estate agent called tonight to see how i was getting on… that was nice of her…aside from asking about the house and the job, she asked me if i made any friends. I had to think about it…sure i meet people, but not really on that level…I told her the kid who works at the place where I repair bikes.  Which is essentially true…but indeed she’s a kid and i’m old enough to be her mother, so that sort of makes her an acquaintance right? at my age, it’s making NEW friends out of wholecloth takes a lot of work, and some luck. It’s not really something I walk out of the door meaning to do.  …i dunno where i’m going with that, it was just an unexpected question..i guess something like your parole officer or psychiatrist would ask.

With these winter storms you DO get to meet your neighbors.  Everyone’s out shoveling and shooting the shit….at the last house, if i didn’t have anywhere to go which was MOST of the, time I didn’t bother shoveling myself out.  The Mail carrier could reach the box and I wasn’t expecting company… here I feel guilty if he has to slog up the driveway through snow.  I suppose if i had a box at the street I wouldn’t dig myself out until it was time to go to work.  But I get out anyway and shovel myself out and wave at the neighbors and say hi to the folks who have walkable dogs. I suppose if I let the snow accumulate now, they’d think the cats had started eating my eyeballs.  Winter’s coming…buckle up.

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