WOD • archival

from the Society of American Archivists: so if you don’t agree go argue with them

archival • adj.
1. Of or pertaining to archives.
2. Records · Having enduring value; permanent.
3. Records media · Durable; lacking inherent vice; long-lived; see archival quality.
4. Storage conditions · Not causing degradation.
5. Procedures · Following accepted standards that ensure maximum longevity.
6. Computing · Information of long-term value that, because of its low use, is stored on offline media and must be reloaded, or that is in a form that must be reconstructed before use.

archival quality • adj.
1. Records media · Resistant to deterioration or loss of quality, allowing for a long life expectancy when kept in controlled conditions.
2. Records storage conditions · Not causing harm or reduced life expectancy.

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