WOD • glassine

glassine paper • A supercalendered paper manufactured principally from chemical wood pulps which have been beaten to secure a high degree of stock hydration. Glassine paper is grease resistant, has a high resistance to the passage of air, and is almost impervious to the passage of water vapor. It is also smooth and transparent, or semi-transparent. Usually found as envelopes for stamps, or candy wrappers. And as book dust wrappers; in the US generally circa 1900-1930, in Europe as late as 1970 on softcover books.

Example of conservation replacement of orginal damaged interleaved tissue with glassine paper.

calender n. A machine in which paper or cloth is made smooth and glossy by being pressed through rollers.

supercalender n. A calender with a number of rollers for giving a high finish or gloss to paper.

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