WOD – nipping, standing, copy presses

nipping press. A small press consisting essentially of a fixed, horizontal iron base plate, and an upper, movable platen that is raised and lowered by means of a relatively long, vertical screw. It does not release its pressure until released by the turning of the screw

copying press. Once used in business offices for “copying” letters, are limited in their ability to apply pressure because they have a tendency to ease the pressure when the handle is released.

standing press A large floor press, at one time used extensively in virtually all binderies for operations requiring the application of great pressure; it is used today almost exclusively in hand binding. Pressure is applied by means of a platen which usually is powered by turning a screw, first by hand, then with a short bar, and finally, in operations requiring very great pressure, by means of a long pin.

Bookbinding and the Conservation of books: A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology by Matt T. Roberts and Don Etherington [via Conservation Online]

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