WOD – polyglot vs. interlinear

Here are a couple that aren’t in Roberts & Etherington.

Dual Language edition is when a book contains text in TWO languages, either ‘side by side‘ text or ‘facing page‘ text. Quite common in text books and bibles.

Interlinear edition is when the the languages run concurrently through the book, usually two languages, but can be found with THREE – especially common with Latin and Greek translations.

Polyglot edition is when the same text is reprinted in many languages – also referred to as multi-lingual. The texts may run parallel or on facing pages or even in blocks. Usually in Bibles, now quite common in legal and governmental documents.

I can never come up with WODs on my own, I need to see some term used badly or not all all to inspire me. Feel free to submit suggestions.

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