wonderful cats

One of the volumes i have in the hopper is a reprint of John Ruskin’s Dame Wiggins of Lee and her 7 Wonderful cats, illustrated by Kate Greenaway – it’s been in public domain a billion years and the world doesn’t need another reprint – but i am interested in doing more fundraising volumes, like the Methuen history books for the Museum…but this one will be a benefit volume for the Animal Rescue Clinic where I volunteer. I am going to put a few pages about the benefit work we do in the front matter and the clinic particulars in the back matter. Put ARVS benefit stuff on the back cover. Then volunteers can flog the books for $10 bucks each..basically for a 10 dollar donation you get a copy of the book; sort of a lagniappe, free gift with purchase. The story is kinda of fun, crazy cat lady from the 19th century has seven cats that are surprisingly helpful..the only thing I am not fond of is the Punch and Judy crone image.

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