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I’ve been driving my truck and myself into the ground trying to complete enough census hours to get a decent sized paycheck. After the 1st couple of checks, I realized that if I would have to make a point of keeping the size of the check in front of my mind’s eye like a carrot on a string.  With that in mind I have been able to drive myself out of the house and on to the road for 4 hours and 8 hours at a stretch.  Not every day – but averaging about 25 hours a week.  That said, every two weeks i get a check that I can actualy deal with.  anything smaller than a few hundred is a wasted effort.   The check has to cover my time over two weeks, and allow myself to pay a decent sized bill or two.  So far nothing of substance has been paid, just lots of crap  – i replaced my 35 sunglasses only to watch them bounce out of the truck and get run over by the car behind me.  – . . . . but  i no longer owe money to anyone with a face.  The utility companies are next up in line…knock wood.   But the line behind them keeps growing, i try not think about it.  I have projects to finish before september.  The only things i am NOT doing this summer are cycling and rowing…and i am starting to look like the Goblin King guy in the Hobbit.  Unhappy, but not always broke- which probably will bite me in the end.

Long story short I fired the guy whom i had hired to work on revamping sicpress.com….. i have this thing…where i try my best to hire people to do things so i don’t have to learn how to do them myself.   That’s not saying i am trying to hire people i CAN’T do myself,  I am just trying to avoid dropping everything and learning hwo to do something new, and i have gone to some ridiculous lengths to avoid it.  I had been threatening to convert the website for months now…. and i got a guy to do it for an average price, but  needless to say, he wasn’t actually progressing,….i had paid him 3 installments- half the job….and then the  site went DOWN for nearly a  week and i freaked out.  i couldn’t beg him to work any faster – i don’t know if he was holding out for the rest of the money – others HAVE….First thing I did was block his emails and delete all his logins.  Considering I had paid him for basically nothing i didn’t feel the least bit bad.    But I finally had to drop everything and learn WOOCOMMERCE well enough to redo the website.    To be honest I found a guy on Fiverr that i have been hiring repeatedly to work me out of the tricky spots…and i have probably paid him about 10 times at $5 a pop…..WELL WORTH THE MONEY.    Having a backup source to pull me out of the soup makes it oh so much more relaxing to LEARN something new that practically my entire economy is based around.

WooCommerce is an EXTENSION for WordPress.





I’m going to try to explain it . . . but as with WordPress, it will take me some years before i really GET IT. With the right number of plugins WOOCOMMERCE can do nearly all the retail inventory/accounting and reportage that a simple seller like myself needs. The base Woocommerce plugin is free and a lot of the additional plugins are free . . . but the REALLY GOOD SHIT you have to buy. They are one time purchases usually 10-20 dollars and some of the more complicated ones in the 50-60 range. But using this A LA CARTE method, you can mix and match and only pick up the parts you need.  I bought a couple of cheap ones, and one of the pricier ones…and i have my eye on a few more…but i would need to have mega income from the site to justify making it overly complicated.  But I  just found one for $29 that lets you link multiple items together to form ONE item, i absolutely need that to sell my deluxer eraser selection and have the inventory come out right.

The product sections, not only keep track of inventory, but for stuff like the Meltonian where there is ONE product that comes in 40 different colors, i can add it as ONE item with variations instead of 40 different products.   nearly all the examples of WooCommerce website THEMES…which is like the SKIN… show T-shirts…ideally all this software is designed to sell T-SHIRTS, multiple items, variable sizes, colors and whatnot.    I am in basically using only a TINY portion of its potential.


What I am most excited about is that i only need one program to deal with things, previous to this, I used about 4…. unless i wanted to drop a wad on Quickbooks Online or any other proprietary application… THIS is using WordPress which I already have and love.   Right now a have to leave the site to ship the package via Paypal or USPS….but there are plugins to solve even that dilemma.  I just carry the tracking number over and paste it into the order.  The More I can get contained in the site the better, I am eliminating the chances of fucking up an order, losing it, selling stuff i don’t have anymore,  forgetting to ship a package, backorders that go nowhere.    And really I just had to get off my ass and learn it.  Granted I still keep reaching out for advise – but i don’t see that lasting forever.
I am definitely going to be adding a line of PAPER CRAFT KNIVES in fact i bought papercraftknives.com   but i may like with bookdeodorizer.com just roll it to sick press and put all the emphasis into the SEO – Search Engine Optimization.   Like the two knives i carry know, R Murphy and Co. in Ayer carries another 8 knife models with the squared off tip, a style of knife i think it ideal for paper work.  YET, they are alike enough to be classified as a group and marketed as such.   Right now i am playing with putting up the entire Ecommerce set up on a second sight…i think mostly to see how hard it is and how it works.

The BIGGEST PAIN IN THE ASS I am experiencing is the THEME… i LIKE the theme, but it doesn’t like my images.  it crops some and stretches others… i or rather WE have massaged it enough so that it’s all presentable…but it is NOT designed for BOOK COVERS at all.   I am not going to run out and replace it just yet…. I have my eye on a Pricey WooCommerce theme that is touted as being completely flexible.  And I need to check out all the other free options before i decided on that course.

I know i can hear you saying…how much are you spending on all these plugins…my answer …does it matter?   i haven’t improved the site in YEARS, the better it looks and fuctions the more money i SHOULD generate, and well the less I will screw up…  but pound for pound..not counting what i wasted hiring 2 other people who took my money and didn’t DO anything.. I think i paid about half so far of what i would have paid someone else….and best thing..I don’t need to HIRE someone every time i need something changed…I know how it works and where everything is located..and the more i work with it, the more i learn so i can use these skills to build more sites for other people.  At least that’s my theory.

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