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okay so i have had the woocommerce set up running on sicpress.com  for 14 days now…  after hiring someone to take my site down and NOT put it back up again…I got off my ass and fixed it myself… for months i had been contemplating exactly what i wanted the site to function and it is about 90% there…the LOOK is also about 80% done… but i just have to focus on that after i finish fucking with the functionality.


SUMMER is BAD for me… no i mean really bad… most summers i don’t sell enough to even bother being open… but the corollary is that without income it doesn’t leave you much to do..you can’t restock products, you can’t go on vacation, you can’t close up shop..you just have to let it limp along sickly.    It was obviously the time to break the site and put it back together.  After some fiddling  it works…then it worked a little better… it is now all internal..the sales the emails to the customers, the credit card and paypal processing, the inventory reports , the updating the inventory, and i have my eye on adding some more plugins.  i still have to click through to paypal and generate the label..though i am looking at a plugin for that too.   eventually i’d like to have it completely one stop shopping..someone buys something… i box it go to the site and process it and done.

In the last 14 days, I have had a few sales…not every day.. in reality i’d need to bring in 100 dollars a day in sales to break even and be able to consider it as a going concern that is worth the time to do.    But i will go three or four days between sales and then i will sell a couple of erasers sets and make about $15.    So I still keep it up because i am too lazy and greedy to stop doing it.  Right now I am trying to funnel census money into it and get the stock levels up so i can turn around and ADD new stock and categories etc…  I know it has a split personality ..it has a whole BOOK side to it.  but what the hell it is a fairly good reflection of my brain.


Eventually I’d like to be able to process the wholesale orders using it as well.  I CAN do that now, though i haven’t had any, but i can hardcode orders into the site so i don’t have to lose my mind.   One of the things i  PREVISIONED is to take books that have a specific appeal to a certain venue, send a free copy with a letter that says, if you would like to carry this in your shop, just go to sicpress.com  and use a personalized wholesale discount code, to buy at least 5 copies of a title at a resellers price.   At least that’s my plan.  I don’t have enough books to make that realistic.  The local books won’t vend that way, but i am working on it.   When the Census is over and i am back to Substitute teaching alone, I will have to put my back into it.      at least that’s the plan.  Well worth the work.

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