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I think I have made some headway with this whole history thing. But each volume is turning out to have its own problems.

I finally uploaded the Wadsworth Lawrence – but the damndest thing is that I keep revisiting the older titles, to keep them all uniform.   I had to step back and make plans for a uniform series, i had to decide on a series stylesheet…still making that up as I am going along.  I pulled out my Bright Orange Chicago Manual of style, my replacement copy of Bookmaking, which turned out to be useless, as well as my original copy which i just found.  Once I created ‘styles’ i am back tracking to make sure the earlier titles match the later titles.   Baskerville 12, with 10 for block quotes and .09 between the paragraphs etc… names of publications are in italics because many of these books have embedded quotations and i think too many quotation marks in a document makes it look messy. I still wish Americans used single quotes as much as the rest of the world.  Whenever I see double quotes I think someone is speaking outloud.

One of the titles I am working on as I go along is the collection of addresses given to the Methuen Historical Society..well the old one..that existed at the turn of the last century, the new one hasn’t published anything of note that I can find.  I found a few of them in the basement of the library, untyped and forgotten.  Harvard Library has SOMETHING on microfilm, but it’s not indexed, so I am going into see it on Friday afternoon…AFTER i speak to the rotary club and before i go to the Wilbur theater for the live recording of the Nerdist Podcast.  At least that’s my plan for the day.

I am still toggling back and forth trying to keep up with the transcriptions of things I have already collected.  One finished, one started and one in process.   I started transcribing the above “miss park and her school” a 1906 address by Lizzie Currier, but every once in a while is a word I can’t guess.  any ideas?

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